21 Day Garden Power Cleanse – Daniel Case Study

Daniel, 29 – CA
Height: 6′ 4″
Product used: 21 Day Garden Power Cleanse
Starting weight: 272.5
Weight at the end of the cleanse: 247
Total weight lost: 25 lbs.

1. Purpose for doing the cleanse?
I did the cleanse because I wanted to not only give my body a chance to internally heal, but I also wanted to kickstart my weight loss with something that’s highly structured and easy to follow no matter what my schedule looks like.

2. What was your starting weight, your weight at the end of your 21 day cleanse, and your weight one month following your cleanse?
I started at 272 and weighed in at 247 on day 21 for a total loss of 25 pounds in 21 days. After a month following the end of my cleanse, I’ve only gained back 5lbs but kept off the other 20 by maintaining a healthy balanced diet.

3. Did you ever feel starving on this cleanse?
No, but I did have to get over the need to chew something. I felt the need to chew the whole time, it was mind over matter for me in that regard.

4. Did you ever “cheat” during the cleanse?
I stuck to the plan, with a couple slight deviations. If I found my slipping I would add more orange juice to my fresh greens drink during the day. I had my birthday right in the middle of the cleanse, so I cheated with half an avocado filled with hummus. I also had a half of an avocado 2 or three times throughout the whole cleanse. I work on my feet, so on longer days, I found it helpful to supplement in some good fats.

5. What did your fresh green drinks consist of?
I used beets, cucumber, kale, orange, lemon, ginger, carrot, spinach, cilantro, apple, broccoli. I work right next door to a juice bar, so my fresh greens consist of a variety from their menu.

6. What did your nightly soup puree consist of?
I made 4 different kinds to give me variety. I made a beet borsch, a Thai spinach, a butternut squash, and a detox greens. All recipes I found online.

7. Did you modify the cleanse schedule at all? If so, how?
I stuck to the cleanse schedule very strictly except on Sunday nights when I was not at home in the evening. In this case, I typically subbed in a green juice for my soup.

8. Did you use the Garden Protein? If so, how often?
No. I was so focused on weight loss that I did not use it until day 22 through 30.

9. What was your diet like following the cleanse?
I continued with the Garden Power drinks just as I did while on the cleanse, but I also added in one food group for the next 7 days starting with solid fruit and vegetables, then fish, then chicken, then nuts and grains, and finally red meat, per the recommendation on Veggie Mama’s website. My body was satisfied by relatively small portions and I didn’t have any stomach issues as I reintroduced the solid foods since I took it pretty slow.

10. Advice for someone who wants to do this cleanse:
Do not give yourself the option to give up. Do what you have to do to stay on the train without completely falling off.