The below cleanse schedule can be applied to cleanses lasting between 1 and 21 days. Know that these are guidelines that can be adjusted based on your individual needs. Be sure to read all tips for success and don’t forget, we are here for you! Reach out with any questions at support@veggiemama.com


1 oz of fruit juice–preferably grapefruit, orange, cranberry, or pomegranate.
1 cup of hot/iced herbal tea.
Optional: 1 scoop of Veggie Mama’s Garden Protein mixed with 10 oz almond milk or water.
This optional protein drink can be taken later in the day if preferred.


1 scoop of Veggie Mama’s Garden Power mixed with 10 oz of water.


1 scoop of Veggie Mama’s Garden Power mixed with 10 oz of water.


1 scoop of Veggie Mama’s Garden Power mixed with 10 oz of water.


1 scoop of Veggie Mama’s Garden Power mixed with 10 oz of water.


2 cups of vegetable soup (Visit veggiemama.com for soup recipe ideas).
1 cup of hot/iced herbal tea.


1-2 Gentle Cleanse capsules (Gentle Cleanse is a 15-day colon cleanse that can be taken up to 15 days, but is also effective for shorter durations).


Enjoy a healthy night’s sleep!


Drink lots of water. Water not only curbs your appetite, but also helps flush the toxins your body is trying to get rid of. Warm herbal tea can also be consumed anytime throughout the day, and for many, this helps fight the mental challenge of not eating solid foods.

Replace one or more Garden Power drinks per day with a fresh green drink. This not only gives you the benefits of fresh juice, but also turns out to be something different to look forward to!
Be prepared and don’t miss a drink. It can be easy to go 2.5 or 3 hours between drinks, but don’t do it! Your body needs this fuel and when you’re not prepared, you’re more likely to get hungry and deviate from the plan.

Switch things up. Try a few different soup recipes for dinner so you don’t get burned out. It also helps to make bigger batches and freeze portions you can easily heat up later.
Listen to your body. You shouldn’t feel weak or starving. If you are, have a Garden Power drink or Garden Protein drink. Remember, the first couple days are the hardest as your body adjusts and is still fighting cravings. Don’t worry, it gets easier!

Don’t try to exert yourself by working out during the cleanse. An easy daily walk is encouraged, but remember, you’re not taking in enough calories to workout with weights or go on runs. This cleanse is about resting and repairing the system.

If you mess up, don’t give up! We all have weak moments, but realizing the weak moment and snapping yourself back to the mentally strong self who got you started down this path is necessary to complete the program! Don’t beat yourself up, tomorrow is a new day!

Need some encouragement or have questions about your cleanse? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us anytime at support@veggiemama.com


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