Today (day 2) I had a super early meeting, and I was worried about how I would feel mid-meet. But really, this is a lot easier than I expected. I’m certainly slightly tired, and a little less quick on the uptake. But, I can totally hold my end of a conversation just fine, and I have WAY more energy than I thought I would. This doesn’t feel anything like ‘not eating’. This is different. I haven’t been hungry yet, which is surprising because I’m known to graze on the daily.

I did get a headache later in the afternoon, but I have also kicked the caffeine for this cleanse, which is crazy because I visit Starbucks twice daily – kind of missing that more than solid food. I do have the urge to take several naps, but it’s not bad and worth how good my body is starting to feel.

It’s 4pm and I just made my Garden Power Berry drink. All in all, I feel great. Really great, actually. I feel very in-tune with my body and going through this experience/experiment is fun – I’m always down for a good vegan cleanse! We shall see how it all plays out.