Day 3: I thought today I would be starving, looking at pictures of pizza, and super weak, but it’s crazy how fine I feel. I spent my morning working on some web projects, which takes a lot to focus, and I was able to do it food and caffeine free (really really missing Starbucks!)

My friends and I even did a Yoga class today, it was a beginner class so it wasn’t so bad, but occasionally felt a little foggy. After Yoga, I had a scoop of the Veggie Mama Garden Protein to fill my hunger and felt fine after. I really like this protein, it has a real earthy taste and is not super chalky to me, just make sure you use enough water!

8pm – I heard that the third day is the most difficult, but that if you can get through it, you’ll make it through the next 7 days. It has definitely been harder today. I wouldn’t say that I’m hungry, but food is definitely on my mind and I keep having these weird cravings.