I am writing this on the fourth day of my Veggie Mama Cleanse – Getting sugar, processed foods, and my personal fave–carbs out of my system, has never been easier.

Usually, I am typically more controlling of what I digest but these are ingredients – even I trust. This has been super easy to maintain with my busy schedule, and I’m definitely feeling the perks. My skin is super clear, and kind of glowing as well. I feel light on my feet, and haven’t felt extreme starvation and feel positive about the remaining days!

The cravings have stopped for the most part, and I’ve thought less about Pizza and other snacks I indulge in, and more about how great I feel! I actually have begun looking forward to making my Garden Power Berry drink, and will probably include it in my daily routine even after the cleanse. I especially loved the taste after noticing today- I’m down 3 pounds!!