Can I workout during my cleanse?

You should not try to exert yourself by working out during the cleanse. An easy daily walk is encouraged, but remember, you’re not taking in enough calories to workout with weights or go on runs. This cleanse is about resting and repairing the system. So take a break, go on a walk, do some stretches and soon you’ll feel more charged and ready than ever to hit those workouts again!

Can I use any protein powder during a cleanse or do I need to use Veggie Mama’s Garden Protein?

There are definitely other good options for protein powder. The main issue with most protein powders is they contain either a lot of sugar, or they use artificial sweeteners. Both of which we encourage you to stay away from when cleansing. We also recommend a plant based protein because traditional whey proteins contain dairy, and we want to cut out dairy completely during the cleanse as well. Dairy is difficult to digest for many adults, and we want to give the gut a break!

I don’t want to do a cleanse program, do these products have any benefit as a supplement to my regular diet?

No cleanse? No problem! A juice cleanse is not for everybody and you can certainly benefit from adding in any of our a la carte products into your regular diet. Veggie Mama’s Garden Power drink mixes or Garden Protein powder are both great for getting in essential nutrients to start your day or on the go. Our Gentle Cleanse product is awesome on it’s own as an inner cleanse supplement to reduce bloating or constipation.

Do I need to stop taking prescribed medication during the Detox?

Continue taking your medications prescribed by your doctor during the detox. However, please consult with your doctor to ensure a cleanse is right for you.

Should I opt for the Berry or Original flavor Garden Power?

It’s a personal preference thing! The Original flavor Garden Power is less sweet tasting than the Berry. We recommend switching things up and drinking both. Many folks (us included), enjoy a sweet greens-flavored drink. Especially when it’s cold. Others may not like a leafy green drink flavor (you can definitely taste wheat grass) and would rather have the Berry.

I read on the cleanse schedule and tips page that I should swap out one of the daily Garden Power drinks with a fresh green drink. Can I just buy a bottled juice from the store? 

If you need to substitute a Garden Power drink in a pinch, a store bought bottled green drink is OK. But, bottled drinks do not replace the fresh drinks that are recommended once per day. It is recommended that you have a fresh green juice or green smoothie once per day in place of a Garden Power drink. Not only will you get the benefits of a fresh green drink, but it also switches things up and gives you something to look forward to! A little fruit mixed in is fine for flavor, but use mostly greens.

How much weight can I expect to lose during a cleanse?

Weight loss depends on a variety of factors. It’s not uncommon to lose 5 pounds on a 3-Day Garden Power Cleanse, 10-12 pounds on a 10-Day Cleanse, and over 20 pounds on a 21-Day Cleanse. Some people report more, others less. The number of pounds lost during a cleanse is dependent mainly on your starting weight, and really, your body mass index (BMI). In other words, how much excess body fat does your body have available to lose. It’s also important to note that Veggie Mama’s cleansing programs are designed first to detoxify the body and restore your system with the nutrients it may be missing. Although weight loss is inevitable during this process, it’s a secondary goal. If your goal is not to lose weight during your cleanse, then be sure to supplement in the Garden Protein shakes twice per day, or add an additional soup puree in the middle of the day.

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As always, please consult your doctor for details about how Veggie Mama’s products may or may not work for you personally. The information contained here is for educational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.